The Ford Mustang, a product of the Ford Motors has attracted generations since ages. It has undergone several changes till date. Rated as one of the most powerful car in the world it has come out with a big bang in 2011. An 8 cylindered muscle car, it has a horse power of more than 400 – The engine 3.7L weighing 40 lb has 24 valves. The Electronic power assist steering allows easy turnings even during a retarded speed.

This car is a 4 seater and 2 seater convertible. The Twin Independent Variable Cum Timing enables maximisation of combustion and efficiency. The V6 and the grand stylisation are unchanged. Wheel sizes have been altered to provide full control over the ride. What more when all these features promise you to give a smoother, safer and fantastic driving experience.
Well just don’t dream about it just go all out to possess one!