smart fortwoLaunched in the year 1998 at Paris Motor Show Smart Fortwo is a small two-seater car with engine in the rear. With the growing parking woes around the globe this 8 feet long car is the perfect solution for a couple looking for a quick parking while visiting a mall or any crowded stadium.

The first generation models of Smart fortwo lacked comfort, good suspension and fuel efficiency and all these factors are tried to be rectified in the second generation models launched in year 2006. The new 999 cc engines manufactured by the Mitsubishi motors are being used in new cars that have a 10:1 compression ratio. Insurance Institute for Highway safety gave a “good” ranking to the overall passenger safety of this car. The nearest competitor of this car in US is Toyota iQ.

With a weight of just 730 kgs and priced under $15000 this is surely one of the lightest and cheapest car to hit US Market.