Jaguar has taken the concept of luxury cars to a brand new level by emphasising on its performance as well as its looks. The new edition of the Jaguar XJ is a perfect example of a car which has gathered quite a fan following courtesy its impeccable exteriors as well as immaculate performance. Few more changes have been included in the exteriors of the new Jaguar XJ, hence giving it a much more aggressive tough appeal. The side power vents are also an extra feature which the last model was devoid of.

The brand new 2008 version also comes in four different forms i.e. the XJ Sovereign, the XLR, the XJ Sport premium, and the XJ Executive. The executive model comes with two different engine variants, namely a 3 litre gasoline engine and a 2.7 litre diesel one. This model also includes 19 inches Carelia wheels. In case of the Sovereign version three engine variants are available, namely a 3 litre V6 gas engine, a 4.2 litre V8 engine and finally a 2.7 litre diesel one similar to the executive version. Thus go ahead and enjoy class, luxury and impeccable performance with the all new Jaguar XJ.