cadillacKeeping in mind the security concerns surrounding the most powerful man on earth US President Barack Obama a new special Cadillac was custom made by spending close to $250000. Nicknamed as “the beast” President Obama’s new special Cadillac includes:

Eight inches thick armour plated doors weighing as much as a boeing 757 cabin door. Even the petrol tank of the car is armour plated and further protected by foam to prevent it from bursting in case of an attack

The boot of the car is fixed with a fir fighting system and oxygen cylinders to be used during emergencies.

An advanced medical kit with Presidents blood sample and other forms of first aids will always be there in the car.

Safety features include pump action shot guns, tear gas dispersing canon and cameras with night vision. The flat steel rim tires allow the car to move even if the tire is punctured or is missing.

With these enhanced features this car is surely like an armed fortress and can save president from any biological or chemical attack.