The Plymouth Belvedere was one of the well known automobiles which were produced in the United States. It was in operation from the year 1951 till 1970. The car was marked by its good performance and also standard usage of fuel and power. It was also known as the Plymouth Cranbrook Belvedere and was manufactured by the car giant Plymouth under the parent company Chrysler Corporation.

The Plymouth Belvedere came into effect in the year 1951. In the first place, it was introduced as a two door hard top which came without pillars. The price of the car was also affordable which made it an instant hit among people. Between the years 1951 and 1952, the total production was around 51,266 units.

From the year 1953, the Plymouth Belvedere was made a part of the Cranbrook series. The subsequent models were modified and newer and better features were added. The short wheelbase also led to the convenience of the driver.