It is the newest electric concept from the greatest Mercedes Benz. Next generation B class may get inspiration from the concept. The blue zero concepts bring an option to choose the power train based on the driving range. There is an E-Cell used in the blue zero models which includes a 35 kW liquid-cooled li-io battery pack. This can provide an unbeatable 120 miles of driving experience.

The F-Cell version is also available for those who prefer longer drives. Powered by a 90kW hydrogen fuel cell, the F-Cell can provide a 240 mile range.

The top model is named as the E-Cell Plus. It has a range of 360 miles. The 67 hp three-cylinder engine powers it for higher ranges. A 30-minute recharge for 50 miles of driving is enough according to the manufacturers.

The blue zero has a great shape, but for some people it may look a bit strange as well. But a 5 seat interior and a vast cargo space makes this model a bit ahead of the Mini-E version.