Known for its toughness and strength Land rover has been a premier auto manufacturers in United Kingdom so much so that it has found an ardent admirer in the Queen of Britain This British automobile saw a new twist with the introduction of Land Rover Defender SVX in early 90’s.

All through the mid 90’s a two door land rover defender was sold with a soft fastback top , full soft top or bikini half top and no top at all with a standard set of second row type of bench seats. This standard four wheel drive was powered by an engine that was 3.9 Liter V8 with a 4 wheel drive that is connected to a manual transmission system with 5 different speed controls. The newer models are fitted with 4.0 L aluminum V8 engine which reduces emission without affecting the vehicles performance.

A sturdy vehicle this land rover model scores low on interiors with just bare bone interior structure. Priced at under $20000 this is a land cruiser that is craved even by the queen.