Winter brings its own kind of driving problems. Freezing temperatures and slippery roads create own set of difficulties.

1. Always ensure that your tyres are changed to meet the needs of winter. Make sure the lines on the wheels are not unaligned and are not unusually worn out.

2. Engines should be equipped with the correct coolant level. Also the oil level should be optimum. Use the dip stick test to be sure and remember to conduct the test when the engine is cold.

3. The tread depth and the air pressure in all your tires including your spare tyres should be checked.

4. Your car’s lights should be appropriate. Check that all bulbs are in working condition and carry spares if you can.

5. Windscreen wipers- don’t forget them. Make sure that they clean properly so as to give you a proper and clear view of the road. If not then replace them. They’re very economical to replace.

Cold weather precautions should always be exercised as the saying goes “prevention is better than cure”.