maintenanceAn emergency might arise anytime in the middle of the road and you might not know how to change the tyre! It might not be as tough as you might presume if you simply follow this guide.

Firstly make sure that you have parked you car in a safer area away from the busy road. After turning the engine off, you put the car in first gear mode.

Get all the tools ready at hand that includes a spare tyre, a jack and wheel wrench.
Next, use the wheel wrench to remove the plastic wheel cover.

Now you must loosen the wheel nuts. If it is hard then take help of the handle of the wheel wrench or metal tube.

The vehicle’s handbook will guide you to place the jack correctly and then carefully lift the car up.

Remove the wheel nuts and replace the punctured tyre with the spare tyre.

Follow this by tightening the wheel nuts, lowering the car off the jack and tightening the nuts all over again. Finally put the plastic cover on the wheel and hit the road.