BMW bikes, BMWBavarian Motor Works a.k.a BMW, formed during 1916 started production of trucks and engines for aircrafts for Germany during WWI and then they started producing motorcycles and bikes. BMW Motorrad was the division named for the two wheelers of BMW. Motorrad (motorrad means motorcycle in Germany) started their production with R32 in 1923.

BMW has the popular R1200GS and some other Boxer power plants as well. Four cylinder engine is a feature of K series bikes of BMW Motarrad. The big blast of the motorrad was S1000RR liter bike which created a sensation. The Parallel Twin F and Single G series were two other great discoveries of BMW.The designer of these bikes, Max Friz exhibited two very important features- Shaft drive and Boxer power plant.

BMW Motorrad, during the Second World War produced motorbikes for battlefields. The bikes had the sidecar and the Boxer powered R75.Soon after the war, the production was ceased for the same till 1948 and BMW evolved as a luxurious bike brand.