Vehicle maintenance tips, how to maintain vehicleMaintaining a vehicle usually turns out more expensive than buying one. Being a machine it will definitely complain & hence needs regular service. Engine overheating during summers is one issue with regular drivers. Other than the garage or the service center (which might be a costly affair), these are some DIY tips which can be of help during emergencies-

Some tools that are required handy are – cooling-fan, condensers and radiator – fan. Online tutorials in the internet can teach you how to perform the task. Buying a radiator fan isn’t too tough a task with the internet providing the best of the lot options. Buying online is a safer choice too. Rates are variable & options are many. Checking with the shipping issues while buying the product is also very important.

DIY techniques not only help save money but also save you during emergency situations when you can’t get anybody’s help but help yourself.