Hardtop Coupe has recently launched its new mini version. Built for 4 people, this vehicle looks expansive for its size. It has a fuel economy of about 29-32MPG. With the tank capacity of about 11 gallons, one may rest at ease after one filling.

This car has torque capacity of 114@4250 and manual-transmission of 6, with option of 6-auto transmission. Front wheel drive allowance makes it comfortable in slush roads; aided with great wheel base. The car is fitted with suspensions, shock absorbers and stabilizers to ensure safe journey. The triangulated tail-light lamps look glitzy and the steering is smooth.

The 118-HP engine gives full value to the buyers. With 2-door facility, elegant dashboard and reasonable console space, this sports coupe rocks. It is available at $18,800 and comes with a 50000 miles warranty. This car has been launched with special packages of Camden and Mayfair, and seems destined for higher destinations.