Have you ever realized that when you buy accessories to make your car look cool you can also make it a lot safer by using some of the kits that are available on the shelves these days?

You can start with getting your car a keyless entry system, it not only removes the dependency on the keys but also takes care that only the authorized user is granted access inside the car. Even shock sensors that are available today provide an excellent way to blend security with accessories; they go off as soon the allowable range of physical shock the car can take is exceeded. Other such kit in the markets is the Text alert system, which when sensing any threat to the car, automatically sends a message on the owner’s mobile phone, thus enabling swift action in case of theft attempts. Some of the other cool accessories which are very strong from the security point of view are immobilizers, steering locks, wheel clamps and scanners.

Thus the next time you are out shopping for accessories, that can make your car look stylish, don’t overlook the ones that along with accessorizing your car will make them a lot safer.