Ever wondered what propels that shrilling, ear deafening sound when you accidentally bump against a car in the parking? Well that’s our friendly neighborhood car alarm. As the name suggests it’s an electronic instrument that triggers a high pitch sound when faced with forced entry. Markets are flooded by various brands of car alarms. Basically there are two types of car alarms:

OEM: That means that the alarm is built-in the car during manufacturing

Aftermarket: This means that the alarm has been installed by the dealer; customer or any party after the car was manufactured.

You can choose from a variety of car alarm features namely central locking interfaces, remote starter, pagers, immobilizers, some additional sensors and the list goes on and on. Thanks to technology car alarms, these days don’t just make an annoying sound when they detect theft but they are also programmed to flash car’s lights, put off the ignition, etc.

Of course car alarm accessories have been designed to suit the needs of modern day security hazards and some can even be complicated to install. However it doesn’t require an expert to state how important car alarms have become in this day and age and every prudent car owner must have a car alarm installed.