Add-on car accessories are always designed to perfection keeping in mind the pleasure that you will gain from your ride. These accessories are sure to add to your leisure hours. See for yourself some of the hottest add-on accessories.

Warmer/cooler: This will keep those sumptuous delicacies within its perfect temperature. Be it a chilled Cola-float or piping hot pizza, the warmer/cooler in your car would let you savor its fine taste even after a long time.

MP3 player: With this add-on accessory you can download any kind of music or audio files. You can even download some content for free.

Cell phone charger: The cigarette lighter socket would let you stay in touch with your friends and family anytime you want.

12-volt heated mug: The specialty of this lighter socket is that it would keep your drinks hot as long as the vehicle is on the move. Some of the heated mug models even have thermostat to keep in tune with the temperature.