The first way of maintaining your vehicles’ value is to get a neutral color. Bright colors might look good and attractive but sometimes it’s get difficult to sell your vehicle with the bright colors. If you want to keep your vehicle’s value the best then go for neutral color like white and black.

Second way is regular maintenance which is must. Because if you will go to sell your vehicle to buyer, you can easily charge a higher price as you will show the proof that you have been regularly taking it for servicing. Thirdly you should not eat, drink and smoke in your car. The value of your car will be decreased if food smell, drink strains and food strains is leftover. Fourthly, protect your car from rust. It will cause it to rust faster if you leave your car exposed to the elements especially if you live in a place with lots of rain, humidity or snow. Fifth one is you should not ignore even small blemishes.