If you are looking for a fun drive, try the Volkswagen Polo! It is one of the major small types of cars that are manufactured by the renowned automobile giant Volkswagen. The car has a good market in Europe and also the US. Some of the model varieties of this car are saloon, hatchback, estate and coupe.

Driving a Volkswagen Polo is a wonderful experience as the driver feels absolute comfort and a sense of style. The car is known for its high pick up, speed, fuel consumption and mileage and also its cost effectiveness. The recent Mark II models even come with the G40 varieties which consist of superchargers.

Introduced in the market in the year 2006, the GTI model of the Volkswagen Polo has also become very popular in the world market. It consists of a petrol engine of 20-valve 150 bhp 1.8-litres with a turbo charged accelerator. If you love speed, this car is the right choice for you.