The top five 5 next-gen auto-safety technologies are skidding airbags, expandable door beams, inflating seatbelts, autonomous brakes and auto steering correction. The skidding airbag raises the front of the car by nearly 3 inches, offsetting the nose dive that takes place during emergency braking. If we talk about expandable door beams, thin doors can give the crush space of thick ones with this beam. It is said by company that inflatable beams are about a pound lighter than conventional ones.

Inflation seatbelts were also on the minds of engineers. These seatbelts discharges a mini airbag during a crash which expands in just 40 milliseconds. The good part is the belts do not get hot like airbag do. The fourth one is autonomous brakes. Extenuating the force of impact is good but stopping the crash is always better. So, all the cars give onboard computer authority to apply full braking power. And the last one is auto steering correction.