Generally people don’t buy cars every day; it is bought once and then you try hard to maintain it in the same new condition for your lifetime. Its perfect longevity depends on the maintenance that you can provide it. Although it might seem tedious, but if you do it regularly, you need not worry about major issues as a stitch in time saves nine.

Basically you should never eat, drink or smoke in your car. The smell settles in the car and there is a high chance of these things getting spilled and spoiling the seat covers of the car. Do not ever ignore the scratches and blemishes. Repair them as soon as possible. To prevent any rusting possibilities protect it from rain and snow. Use a cotton cloth cover for your car. For cleaning the car, use a car shampoo with normal water or soft water. You can even repair your car by getting it painted form time to time and applying an acrylic finish to complete the job. With these simple steps your Car will shine the brightest among all others.