All cars come with instructions as to what is the regular amount of time interval to be kept between changing tyres. But if you are a regular driver, it is alright to be unmindful of these instructions as you will yourself feel the need to change them when the time is appropriate. When your car takes a lot of effort to be handled and also exerts a lot of pressure on your engine than it normally does, you become aware that is time to get new tyres.

But how do you choose your tyres? The first thing you need to know is that the left and the right sides of your tyres should be matched in order to achieve the proper balance of your car. For this, you need to check the code that comes with the tyre. Instructions on how to decipher this code which represents the tyre’s classification as a passenger tyre or not, the width, the height-width ratio, the construction (radial) and the diameter of the rim, the total load the tyre should be made to handle and the maximum speed it can give you. This makes it important for you to understand the code.