For everyone who loves the Mercedes Benz, here’s something that people have been waiting for, the new Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class. This new SUV is a smallish vehicle apt for five passengers. Your wait will only be as short as January, 2009. Its smallish size makes it very unlike other Mercedes vehicles and for those of you who don’t know just what it looks like, it’s the car Samantha used in the Sex and the City flick. The car is designed keeper younger individuals in mind. It’s trendy, not so conventional and yet very stylish.

It’s a classic in its league and the best part being, it’s priced well ensuring there will be many takers. Starting at $43,000 it’s sure on most people’s things to buy list. The vehicles, smart, edgy and young look has already created quite a stir. In fact it’s quite a welcome change in regards to car design and styling because t does away with the longer car phenomenon but packs in all the excitement you need. There’s no compromise on style or trendy settings, so you’ll still identify with the Mercedes class and perfection and drive a vehicle that’s the need of today. There’s ample inquirers about the vehicle, so if you want it to roll into your driveway at the earliest, take a look.