As this relatively new technology of hybrid cars catches the public imagination, question are raised on the feasibility of the vehicle. Here are some of the common myths dispelled.

Hybrids are expensive than their conventional cousins

The pricing actually depends upon the model and the make. The LexusRX400h is about 6000 USD costlier than Lexus RX 350. That’s definitely a good difference. The difference between the Mercury Mariner Hybrid and the starting model of Mariner Luxury AWD is only around 3000 USD. This difference is easily offset by the cost of the fuel the owner would save over a period of time. Add to this the tax incentive that would reduce the cost of the hybrid. And with the spiraling prices of oil, the savings arising out of fuel would further narrow the gap.

They are less powerful than the convention cars

It again boils down to the model. The Civic hybrid is slower and less powerful than its conventional predecessor Civic sedan. Whereas, the Toyota Highlander is faster than the regular Highlander. And the Honda Accord hybrid is one of the most powerful Accord ever.

Hybrid vehicles need to be plugged in

This is not true to the best of my knowledge. The hybrids cars are completely self sufficient and do not require any external support source of power to keep its batteries from discharging. The batteries recharge themselves by capturing energy from the brakes. This is often known as regenerative braking.

The myths about hybrid vehicles II