The BMW X5 xDrive 48i is among the most stylish and modern SUVs in the market. This vehicle presents superior on-road performance although not so much off-road. It has a plush interior with comfortable seating for the driver and rear passengers. The interior materials have excellent quality with top notch craftsmanship. The downsides about the interior are the small size of possible third row seat, which makes it quite impractical for use by adults, and also the small cargo area.

The BMW X5 xDrive 48i shines for its sporty handling and is not affected as much as some BMWs from its iDrive control system, on the other hand its navigation system is quite confusing. The term “xDrive” refers to the standard four wheel drive system that improves the X5’s all weather ability. The xdrive has the ability to transfer one hundred percent of its torque into one wheel unlike the old system that only distributed torque from front to rear.