The 2008 GMC Canyon is largely the same as it was. Not too many changes compared to last year. The vehicle is styled attractively and is light duty pick up. Although this makes it appear competitive on paper but in the real world performance the vehicle lags behind against its rivals from Nissan, Dodge and Toyota.

The new 2008 version is composed on and off the road and is affordable. It also scores well on crash tests. However the engine lacks power when compared to the competition, has mediocre towing capacity and the shaping of the seats are awkward.

The biggest drawback is that is gives you the impression of being cheap. In a segment where competition from Nissan, Toyota and Dodge has moved beyond value and functionality, this becomes more apparent.

If you are a budget minded shopper with light duty application in mind, you could investigate and dig further. But if you are looking for a refined and thoroughly capable pick up truck, explore other options.