Subaru Tribeca SUV Car ReviewMost people opt to purchase mid size cars due to their width, volume and engine capability. The Subaru Tribeca is one of the most exotic subaru car models. It is a cross over SUV that is normally sold by the Japanese auto dealers. The car occurs with a five or seven passenger capacity. Being a reliable car, it was made courtesy of the Subaru Legacy platform. The car was first inspired by the design concept, B9X and turned out to be a successful car project.

Subaru Tribeca has now evolved to its second generation of design. The word Tribeca was derived from the TRIBECA neighborhood in the City of New York. It is the only Subaru Vehicle that has a standard AWD equipment plus a four wheel drive design.It is featured by sound proofed frame-less side windows and a perfect modern interior. Tribeca Subaru is not normally sold in Japan but was initially introduced in New Zealand and Australia in the year 2006.