Everyone today is becoming environment conscious.

With risks of global warming going up every day, people are looking for more ways to use environment friendly gadgets and materials.

We have new hybrid and electric cars and solar powered items are a rage these days.

These are a very good alternative as compared to electrically charged gadgets.

For your car, you can use the solar powered iphone charger.

iPhones are a must have for almost everyone now.

You might not always remember to charge it at home.

So when you’re on your way for work or whenever you’re in your car, you can just plug in your iphone and charge it.

For women, this is a dream come true.

Give your iphone charger a feminine touch.

They come in various shades of baby pink, bright red, sea blue, etc.

Show off your brand new environment friendly gadget to the world.

It’s unique, new and it also saves a lot of energy.

Do your bit for the planet, the stylish way.