As discussed earlier in the first part, you need to replace your tyres at regular intervals. Fine, you will replace the tyres! But when you go to the spares shop, you find a bunch of numbers on the tyre. For example, you see something like P185/65R14 86H on the slip. Can you make anything out of it? You can ask the dealer but it is always better to have knowledge about things that you want to buy instead f being misled by others. Won’t you agree?

Actually, this bunch of numbers is the standard ratings for that type of types. Let us see how to comprehend the numbers in the following lines. For this, we will take the above bunch as example. P indicates that the tyre is meant for passenger cars. It is not always present on the number bunch. 185 is the tyre width in mm. 65 is the ratio of height of the width. R is the radial construction while 14 is the rim diameter in inches. The next number shows an index for calculating the total weight the tyre can handle. The alphabet H depicts the speed limit.

So where do we use this information? For proper operation of the car, the wheels on both right and left sides should be of same type. The information comes handy for this case.