Also called the Trollblazer, Saab 9-7x is usually a mid sized sports utility vehicle which has its roots in the GMT360 platform. It was traditionally manufactured in the Trollhattan in Sweden. According to the GM, it is the car that has the highest price of a middle sized SUV and which America built as the first SUV car.

The car is currently assembled in the U.S in a production company called Ohio like the GMT360 and has a common mode of components with the other mates of the platform. All in all, this is the most expensive vehicle in the history of the plant to be produced in America after surpassing Oldsmobile Bravada.

From the recent model of 2009, GM is not willing to schedule or update this model; rather, the Subaru B9 will take its position. The unique features of the Saab 9-7x are roof rack, flashlights, tail lumps, a wonderful attractive bumper on the rear side and many other features.