Auto Review on Best SUVThe best SUV would be the vehicle which shows outstanding fuel efficiency, mileage, performance &passenger-friendly aspects. Here is a list on the major SUV for the year.

First of all, you have the Honda Pilot. The positive aspects of Pilot SUV is that the car is an all-round performer and comes with huge space. In addition it features a comfortable ergonomic design assuring great travel experience.

However, it falls back when it comes to the mileage comparison with other such SUVs.

Then you have Chevrolet Traverse which boasts a good MSRP. Moreover, the SUV has fantastic fuel economy and better mileage which is around 24 mpg in the highways. It’s backed by a 3.6 l V-6 engine which bestows around 281 hp. The other one is GMC Arcadia 2012which features the same platform as the above mentioned SUV, yet it’s a relatively more expensive than the other two. It’s especially because Arcadia comes with some added luxury amenities and better torque and horsepower