The Plymouth Caravelle is one of the top rated cars which come with sophisticated features and gadgets. It was first introduced in the year 1983 and after quite a few modification and adjustments; the new model came into being. If you are looking for a good car with good features at reasonable rates, this car is perhaps the right choice for you.

Manufactured by the renowned automobile company Plymouth, the Plymouth Caravelle is available in a number of engine modes such as 2.5 L K I4, 2.2 L Turbo I I4, 2.6 L Mitsubishi G54B I4, and so on. The two body styles come in 2 door coupe and 4 door sedan styles.

With a fuel efficiency of around 14 US gallons, it is also one of the most fuel efficient cars that are available in the market. With a wheel base of around 103.3 inches and a length of around 185.2 inches, it also looks very stylish.