Started in the year 1951, the Plymouth Cambridge was one of the well known cars that were manufactured by Plymouth, under its parent company Chrysler Corporation. It was a full size vehicle and came with wonderful features and services. The car was based on the medium model concept and was pretty popular among consumers.

The Plymouth Cambridge was a better and modified version of the Deluxe. It came in two models namely 4 door sedan and 2 door coupe styles. With engines of around 3.6 L I6, it was one of the fuel efficient cars around at that time. The size of the wheel base was around 118.5 inches which was modified to around 114 inches in the year 1953. The length of the car was 193.875 inches in the year 1952 and was changed to around 189 inches in the year 1953.

Production of the Plymouth Cambridge was stopped in the year 1953 after it was replaced by the Savoy in 1954.