Lamborghini Gallardo Sports Car ReviewThe Lamborghini Gallardo is a sports car named after a breed of a famous fighting bull and is built by the Italian car manufacturer Lamborghini. It is a two seater car that gives a very high performance and is marketed in the ultra-luxury segment. Its ultra sleek styling and a very powerful 5.2L V10 petrol engine makes it an exotic sports car. The aerodynamic body form of Lamborghini Gallardo with flamboyant exterior and plush interiors makes for a breathtaking view of the car.

The Lamborghini Gallardo has 19-inch wheels, bi-xenon headlights, a mechanically extending rear spoiler and angular lines. It has very comfortable seats providing sufficient passenger space. Furthermore there is adequate room in the nose-mounted trunk for small bags or packages. The engine is highly receptive and there has been an improvement in the driving position as compared to its previous models. A great feature of the Gallardo is that it remains steady at all driving conditions. Whether it is riding on bumpy roads or on a smooth racing track, the car is a winner and there is no problem that you will come across while dealing with this vehicle.