Nissan Micra is known as a very good little car, which brings the style and passion to your kids. The efficiency and riding capacity seems to be really good. Its soaking up bumps like a large vehicle helps to be a preferable city transport method. It is even comfortable for longer journeys.

A broad variety of models are available. But the right choice of engine will be the 1.5-litre diesel. It’s very quick when compared to the petrol variants available. It provides a top speed which is genuinely impressive: 60mpg.

There should not be any worries about the quality part of it. Very good materials are used on the body and it is nigh –on bomb proof. The grip levels of the tyres are excellent, the steering is positive and the weight of the car is just perfect. More boot space inside the car makes you comfortable while sitting.

Thus Nissan Micra is an affordable, good performing car on which everyone can have an eye.