Nissan GT-R Sports Car ReviewNissan GT-R the latest sports car from the Japanese automobile manufacturer is all set to hit to US roads in march 2009. The car has been derived from the skyline series of the Nissan and has the same features like its all wheel drive and yes the famous circular headlights.This car will be the main competitor of Porsche 911. Nissan features a V6 DOHC 3.8L engine that can achieve the maximum speed of 192mph and can accelerate to the speed of 60mph in just 3.3 seconds!

Nissan GT-R has been designed keeping in mind the Gundam series giant robots and is a beautiful mix of the work of American and European designers. This four seater car is available with clutch-less manual and are available in two models that is premium and base. What makes it more popular is the fact that this car is extremely easy to drive and has a low MSRP. Priced at $75000 dollar this car is surely make you gasp with its high performance.