If speed is your middle name and you like to live your life in the fast lane then the Japanese sports car Nissan 370Z launched in Greater Los Angeles Auto show will be a perfect buy for you. This is a two door; rear wheel front engine drive sports car with and amazing modern design that is bound to leave you impressed.

The exterior design is similar to the other cars in the Z segment with short deck and long hood with an exchanging trunk room resulting in greater performance. The other important exterior features are a high waistline, headlights inspired by maxima, definite fender arches, impressive key system and a stylish sloping fastback roof. The other features include leather upholstery, power door locks, 6 CD changer, tachometer, trip computer, central console, and rear-view camera, a garage door opener, Bluetooth and yes dual zone climate control.

With 3.7L V6 engine this sports vehicle is surely a steal.