The Mitsubishi Starion was one of the major brands of cars that was manufactured by the renowned car giant Mitsubishi. It was a three door coupe car which was much preferred for its fuel efficiency, power back up, and speeds. The car was introduced in the American and European markets in the year 1982.

The Mitsubishi Starion was considered to be one of the first of its kinds where the technique of the Japanese turbocharged performance engine was used. The name “Starion” was taken from the phrase “star of Orion” which meant speed and strength. It was mainly of the sports category and was perfectly suited of different types of tracks.

With an engine capacity of around 4G63 2.0 L I4 and 4G54 2.6 L I4, it was one of the fastest engines that were around. The wheel base measured around 2,435 mm while the length of the car was around 4,410 mm.

Production of the Mitsubishi Starion was stopped in the year 1990 after better models were introduced.