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The Mercedes Benz C300 2009 Luxury is powered by the 2996cc V6 engine of three liters. The engine has an 88 mm bore, 82.1 mm stroke, and variable valve timing. The engine of the Mercedes Benz C300 2009 Luxury has four valves per cylinder.

Featuring multi point injection fuel system, the vehicle offers 17 MPG in the city and 25 MPG on the free highways. With a 17.4-gallon main E85 fuel tank, you need not worry about refueling the vehicle even when on long drives. The overall power delivered by the engine is 228 horsepower. This is the same as the others in the C300 class.

Even with all these features, the drivers are not very enthusiastic about the vehicle. The exterior of the sedan has a great look but the interior does not offer what they want. The ergonomics of the internal part such as the seats and the windows offer some relief but most reviews say that the C300 2009 Luxury is more of a baby Mercedes car.