Maybach 62 Zeppelin Sedan is a wonder ride for 4 people. Smooth fuel efficiency of 10-16 MPG with 29G tank capacity, 631 HP and 739 torque, this 6L vehicle’s sustenance is its vital feature. High curb weight ensures the car from skidding on highly messy roads.

Zeppelin has 5-speed auto transmission, wishbone suspensions and adequate stabilizers for shock absorbing. Recirculating-ball steering allows the driver some adventure. It ensures safety through sensors, child latch and crumple zones. Entertainment is never an issue with installed video monitors and DVD player. Rain-sensing windshield, powerful halogen lamps and light-illuminator and sunroofs gives it an essence of riding in home.

The car has an automatic climate control with humidity and heat sensors. Leather trims on doors give it a finished feeling. Voice control and anti-theft locks are its other standard features. It gives good warranty but price is slightly on the higher side at about half a million.