Lotus Exige Sports Car ReviewThe Lotus Exige is the best companion of a motorist. It is a perfect example to the cutting edge of technology. Lotus Exige models are unique and incomparable to any other types of car models. It is basically described as a sports car with two seats specially made by non other than the Lotus Cars.

It is a modern USA car, best for those who are driving-addictive. Did you know that the Lotus Exige can take you as far as many many miles? In fact, it is one of the world’s leading sports cars. Its existence was derived from the Lotus Exige Coupe make, which is also known to be an incredible roadster that has a mid engine. The original Lutus Exige project was later on proved to be successful in the year 2000 hence the launch. The new 200 make is featured with a 1.8 liter engine of the Rover K Series. The next model was introduced in 2004 then others till today.