Lexus RX 400H SUV Car ReviewGo green is the current buzzword and Lexus Hybrid car Lexus RX 400H is all there to support this cause. Environment friendly with great driving performance and mileage of 27mpl in city drive this vehicle scores well in both the midsize luxury SUV’s and also hybrid SUV’s.

Lexus RX 400H is available in front wheel drive and also in all wheel drive version and makes use of a hybrid engine system that uses a V6 engine fueled by gasoline along with a battery set that is charged using electric generators. During low speed it makes use of only battery power. With a hot exterior and equally well equipped interior this car has a number of hi tech features installed that you need to install very few additional accessories. The interior is made up of a modern cabin designed with aluminum accents and a touch screen that shows the details of hybrid gasoline and electric power usage split. Lexus RX 400H is priced at $43400.