The Lamborghini Murciélago can be called a performance driven sports car produced by Italian automaker Automobile Lamborghini. It is known as the successor of Diablo. This, two door, two seat coupe cars were built at first as a celebration theme. But now it is known for its high performance and efficiency amongst the sports car segment.

Lamborghini V12 engine with 6.2 Litre and a 6 speed manual/auto transmission excels in many ways. The rear spoiler can be raised to 70 degree angle. The whole design is aerodynamically fit. Its 8 miles per US Gallon as the fuel efficiency is a fantastic go in the city. Its base price is US $313,000 which seems to be worthy when looking at its most modern features. Murciélago’s engine was changed in 2006. It was replaced by a stronger 6.5-liter engine and at the same time car’s name was changed to Murciélago LP640.