The extremely fast Lamborghini Murcielago has made its first cut in the market. This fast and the furious engine fall under the sports category and bear the name tag – LP670-4 SV. This tag implies that it would be issued with a 670 bhp engine, which is quite powerful compared to its predecessors.

When the variant bears the ‘SV’ tag, it is meant that this car is the boldest version of all the Lamborghini cars. The Murcielago is no different and bears the same stature. This Italian car manufacturing company has sent off the car on a diet and slimmed it down by a hundred kilos. However, this car is not a rare wheel driven car, which is the only non-selling point.

Traditionally, Murcielago is a four wheel drive and still the same. Your best guess would be that this variant can’t really bear the thrust of 670 bhp on just two wheels.