Jaguar XF Car ReviewThe Jaguar XF is a modern, exotic luxurious car that is featured by numerous incredible features. There is nothing as good at taking a road trip with a mid size cosy car or a sports saloon jaguar car. The Jaguar XF is a perfect car model specially made by the Jaguar Cars. It was manufactured as a replacement of the S-type Jaguar Model. The CXF is a concept of design for the XF. This design concept was introduced to make a showcase of the preliminary cues of the upcoming model, the Jaguar XF.

The main steward of the manufacturing project is Ian Callum who is also the director of design and the Head of Advanced Car Designs. The basic features of the car included super-charged V8 engine holding 4.2 liters, single slim wedged head lamps, an automatic transmission sequential shift, a modern interior, a Jaguar Drive Selector, a Dual View Screen and an incredible audio sounds system.