The JD Gator Kawasaki is a compact model that is designed especially for home use and light duty use. It is these features that make it easy to maneuver through places that a pick up would not and as such, making it a favorable model. It has a pretty powerful standard 286 Kawasaki 10HP engine and a CVT automatic transmission.

The JD Gator Kawasaki is able to tow up to nine hundred pounds and to top it all it can carry five hundred pounds which is a considerably high weight. There are two performance series found in this line of JD Gators and these include; the Gator HPX and the Gator HPX 4 by 4. Both of these models use a 617 cc twin cylinder Kawasaki and a twenty engine horse power engine. It is also ideal to note that the Gator has a 401cc Kawasaki and a thirteen horsepower engine.