Hyundai AccentHyundai Accent was introduced in the market in the year 1995. It comes as a two door or four door, 5 passenger vehicle suitable for a family. It is a very easy to manage, very comfortable, simple low-petrol consumption vehicle. The Hyundai Accent has very original exterior body. Since the first introduction of the Hyundai Accent the Hyundai corporation has revised the model an improved the vehicle for example the improvement of the heating system, much better comfort and manageability with lower petrol consumption.

It has a vast space to the ratio of its size, it is also very safe incase of an accident it has airbags in front and curtain airbags on the sides. The fuel tank holds more fuel compared to other salon cars, the hatch back has a very large cargo room that is up to standard. The layout and material quality of the dashboard and gauges are of standard.