Hummer H3 has been launched in many versions with Alpha perhaps giving the best results. This water gladiator has the capacity of gliding through puddle water at 8 mph, and is also designed to scale low mm walls with consummate ease. With 300 HP and 320@4000 Torque, this 5.3 liter beauty gives great fuel efficiency of 13-16MPG. Strutting child latch, brake locks, grids and enormous suspension in both front and rear, it has its safety measures finely tuned.

Entertainment value is ensured through Bluetooth, subwoofer and radio. It has 4-speed auto transmission and 4-wheel drive; a norm for such cars. Built for 5, it does have good cargo space with glove boxes and rear holders added. Manual additions like air conditioner and harness gives it an added pick-up edge.

It does have chrome alloy wheels, dams and sunvisors; and looks voluminous from outside. Hummer H3 comes with good warranty and is smartly priced.