economical SUV Car
If you are a car enthusiast and you’re planning to buy an SUV, the best option for you is to select a fuel efficient SUV. This is not only a good way to keep environmental pollution in control but also it will help you save a considerable amount of money in the future. In the United States, fuel efficient SUVs have made a new record of 14 million unit sales in the year 2012. Fuel efficient SUV’s have many advantages.

They are useful in reducing the pollution as they keep the carbon monoxide emission in check. Their tail pipes are also cleaner and easy to clean on a regular basic, this way there is no accumulation of dirt as well. Fuel efficient cars give out better and more resourceful mileage as compared to regular cars. You can easily go up to 30 miles with one gallon of fuel in your SUV. If you have a fuel efficient SUV, you can also get a discount on your car insurance.