Tips to install a skid plate on jeep, car care tipsJeeps are that vehicle that you can drive while tripping through the off roads. The jeeps can endure the torture of the rough roads, but for that you also need to do some things. It will be better for your jeep, if you install a skid plate for the protection of the gas tank. Before you install it, you need to remove the relay of the fuel pump from the junction box, then let the engine run as long as it can. Once the jeep stops running, you should remove the negative terminal of the battery keeping in mind that the cable does not come in contact with any metal. Then you remove the cap of the fuel filter and also the bolts that are used hold the stock tank and skid to the below of the vehicle. Do not remove all the bolts, as you will need two bolts in the rear and near the skid plate. You can see in net how to install skid plate and you can even get to see the installation video in the internet.