A car is not just a single object. It consists of a number of items: spare parts and accessories apart from the electronic and mechanical systems. While spare parts are a necessity, the car accessories are use to enhance your driving experience. There is a wide range of accessories: mirrors, lights, seat covers, car covers, ventilation systems, air cooling systems, audio and video systems, and many more. You can use any number of accessories provided your vehicle and your wallet support them.

The hottest accessories that are more desired these days are the GPS traffic navigator. They are electronic gadgets that connect to the local GPS service provider to offer you with traffic updates. They also offer you weather updates.

Some of the GPS traffic navigational systems also contain speed limit indicator. You can set the maximum and minimum speed limits on the gadget. This navigator alerts you if you are over speeding. Also, if you are driving too slowly, it sends out signals. The device is very useful as it saves you time as well as your fuel.