Honda Civic Hybrid Car ReviewThere has been a sudden interest in the hybrid vehicles with the growing global oil crisis. More and more people are looking for ways and means to cut fuel costs and with a mileage of 40mpg in city drive Honda Civic Hybrid may be the answer to their prayers.

This four door drive introduced by famous Japanese manufacturer has a seductive exterior design and extremely beautiful interior that has attracted many buyers.

Honda Civic comes with a 1.3L 4 cylinder engine coupled with electric batteries. While decelerating or on cruise control making used of the Variable Cylinder management this car makes use of battery power thus enabling you to save precious fuel. With numerous safety features and recipient of 5 stars in crash test this is surely one safe vehicle to drive.Winner of international engine of the year award in the 1-1.4L category for three consecutive years 2002-2004 this car is an economical buy costing less then $25000.